Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wedding Gown for Sale

the design on the train
the bodice/ v-neck

the whole dress

Margene's Bridal Model


the front right side
This dress is $500, originally $700, worn once, and in great condition. Has a corset in the bodice, and is a size eight. Although it has 3-inch seams and has never been altered. There is a 3-layer slip included. The veil is $50. The dress has been dry-cleaned already. Call 206-2894 to come and try it on. You will be glad you did.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


looking at us!

it's a BOY!! see his pelvis, and the boyhood!

his profile somewhat and his wittle hand!

We are going to have a little boy September 25th 2009! I guess I shouldn't say little, a BIG BOY! He is in the 99th percentile for his size....and if this continues, I may just die. =) He is strong and kicks often, a very active child! HE IS SO CUTE! Brady and I can tell already! He has a huge personality and according to our midwife, "a strong opinion!" Things he likes already that we can tell: when his daddy sings (he goes crazy) which is so sweet! also he will probably like movies like his mommy and daddy because when we watch a movie he is restless ( I would be upset if I couldn't see anything either!)

We can't wait for him to get anxious! I told Brady not to put the crib up yet because I am too excited! I may lose my mind. I am 25 weeks on Thursday so more than half way there! It goes fast!

Logan kicking!

Writing how many days he has been in there!

Singing just like his daddy!

Blogging-what does it mean?!

So, I am starting a blog for Brady and I. We will see how it goes! So far, I am confused...but will get the hang of it?